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The following is a complete alphabetical listing of all our yarns, prices, and all pertinent information about each yarn.

Sock Yarns

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Yarns: Featuring over 600 different yarns. Rooms full of the most delicious, delightful, and detectable colors and fibers. Wools, mohairs, cottons, cotton/wool blend, cashmere/wool/silk blend, angora/silk blend, acrylic/wool blend and acrylics. From the traditional to the most sophisticatedin color and texture. Sock weight to the super bulkies. Specializing in the natural fibers. Something for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced. From the classic to designer sweaters. Our kits include hats mittens, vests, simple sweaters, children's and adults.  We strive for the unusual.

Vertical Swifts These swifts are hand crafted by Harry. Each swift is a replica of an original Shaker Design. The choice of woods are walnut, maple, cherry, or oak.  This design is not just functional but makes for a very nice accessory piece for any knitter's home.

Books and patterns: A minimum of 1000 to choose from. Simple or complicated, single leaflet to hard cover designer books. Or if you prefer, we would gladly help you design your own. There is always someone available during business hours to give individual instruction. We also offer a complete finishing service.

Needles: Needles! Needles! Needles! Addi turbos, Addi lace, Addi Bamboo Clover, Plymouth, Inox, KA bamboo, Colonial Needle Company, Lantern Moon,  Brittany, Bryspun and a line of Harry's own maple needles. Wood, metal, bamboo, and baylene, All the knitting accessories you could ever want, including a full line of hand-crafted needle cases and matching bags for your project.

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